Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Azerbaijani Carpet for an American Mother

I published a blog post about Howard Baskerville in the expired internet site ‘’, 4 years ago, that I decided to post it again with some changes:

Always April is the most remindful month in the history of constitutional battles of Azerbaijani warriors in Tabriz. I think it has been very marvelous event: An American young teacher leaved his developing country to inhabit in eastern world. He would love Azerbaijan society and would fight for freedom and democracy about100 years ago.

There were ceremonies that we can specify when Khiabani’s national group could attain power in Azerbaijan. Khiabani ordained commemorations for Mashrouteh(Constitutionalism) victims & martyrs. The one of immolations was American young Martyr, Howard Baskerville. Azeri handicraft Carpet weavers in order to appreciate from American people and specially Baskerville family created a carpet from Howard’s feature & send it to Howard’s mother.

Howard was born in April and was killed in April too. Howard Baskerville described in his own words the decision to join his students in the Nationalist movement as a matter of conscience.

TheNationalist forces in Tabriz made a determined sortie this morning, but with little result. An American missionary, Mr. Baskerville, who joined Sattar Khan a fortnight ago, was killed during the fighting.

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